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Jimmy Kincheloe

Kuts and Shaves, and so much more. I am a full service barber. I've dedicated over 24 years in the barbering business. I am a third generation barber and I take pride in this field especially coming from such a strong family of barbers, barber instructors, and barbershop owners. I myself have over 9,000 hours in teaching and am dedicated to continuing to better myself as a barber. Opening a shop where I can continue to provide quality cuts was the next natural thing for me to do.

I take pride in my work, and would never let you leave my chair with a cut that I would not be happy to have myself. I take my time and pay attention to detail because I know that a fresh quality cut can make a difference in how you feel. I am a laid-back, easy-going and fun loving guy. I enjoy what I do and want you to have a great experience too. 

Anything more you want to know, come on in and let's learn about each other. 

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Jack Powell


Whats the secret to giving a great hair cut?  Simple, you just have to give a damn...and I do! I have been licensed and cutting hair since 2008. Over 5 years in the Astoria area. Some barbers may bill themselves as master barbers, there is no "Master Barber" license, it is just self-promotion. 


Some say you have to cut 10,000 heads of hair to be a "master barber", well I have indeed done over 10,000 heads of hair. So am I a master barber? My thought on being a "master barber" are that great barbers are always willing to learn and improve. Every barber I have met has certain strengths and weakness, we are human.

I have had the privilege to work with some truly gifted and talented barbers. One thing I have observed is there is no one right way to cut hair as long as the end results are great. Matching your vision with my interpretation and what your hair wants to do is sometimes enigmatic. So I back my hair cuts up with a money back guarantee, if you're not happy, you don't pay.


If you want to know about my 30 years in Vegas Casinos or about me in general, please park youself in my chair, get a great haircut or shave and ask away.  


Lindsay Ceaser

Hi, I'm Lindsay. I have been a barber for 14 years. My years of experience have allowed me to become skilled in everything from skin tight fades to layered scissor cuts - omitting flat tops and designs. You want the cut and I can make it happen.


I am proficient in all hair types and textures. I will work with you to figure out the best cut for your hair. I am patient and as a mother of two I work very well with kids. Sit in my chair, check out my work, and enjoy a good conversation. I love what I do and look forward to creating your kut.

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